*Nominations for 2017 Closed*

As a part of the Truckee Tahoe Peace Project’s mission to bring awareness to peace in our personal lives, family, community and the world, each year, we present the Truckee Tahoe Peace Award.

We are excited to again be offering both an adult and youth award. Youth are our future, and they are doing excellent work in our community to promote peace, and we want to recognize and celebrate the hard work they are putting forward!

By doing this, we intend to publicly recognize, commend and thank the people who contribute to the spirit of Peace in our community through their thoughts and actions. It is our hope that by awarding this title to community members, an example will be evident of how each and every one of us has the power to make a change and bring peace into their own life and the lives of others. The nominees do not need to meet any specific criteria, but should be people who you believe bring peace to others whether it is on a personal, community or global level.

This is an exciting opportunity to recognize and reward those who make a difference by bringing an awareness of peace to our lives. Please submit a nomination form to recognize the person you feel most deserving (you may submit two: one for an adult and one for a youth).

The winners will be presented with the Awards at the Truckee Tahoe Peace Day Celebration on September 23rd at the Truckee Regional Park Amphitheater. The deadline for submissions is September 11th, 2017.


Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Adult Peace Award 2017

Cathee Van Rossem - St. Clair


"Cathee is the embodiment of compassion, caring and peace.  She developed an art program that she teaches to hundreds of students which at the core embodies empathy, discernment and compassion.  She has done this since 1989 and is now passing on these valuable lessons to the children of her early students in our community with her heart, caring and energy."

"In third grade, I was being severely bullied, Cathee St Clair came in during this time to teach our class about making decorative eggs, this really helped me to cope with my situation and gave me an outlet for my emotions. Since then I have been interested in art and because of her I am in my last semester at Sierra Nevada College, studying art in hopes of becoming an Art Therapist."

Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Youth Peace Award 2017

Ariana Urena


"Ariana is always thinking of other people! Her kindness towards others; her friends, family members, and strangers is shown constantly. She is passionate about healthy relationships and being an upstander whenever she sees unhealthy/abusive behaviors. She is active in her community with being involved in Teen Peace Project, working at the rec center, outreaching on social media and doing extra work on her own to create a community where intimate partner violence is not tolerated and healthy relationships thrive."


Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Adult Peace Award 2016

Meredith "Merekat" Calderas


"Over the past year I have really witnessed Meredith's presence in our community grow. Partially through her practice (yoga) around the Lake & in Truckee, but also through participation in events and volunteering in the community. Meredith has lead group yoga for "The Butterfly Effect" an event hinged on empowering and inspiring athletic women everywhere, to grow together as a community and to use their collective drive to give back to local charities, all while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant community, and active local involvement.She recently led the "Dolphin Day" event through the Tahoe Flow Arts Studio where participants celebrated dolphins and raised awareness and funds to help end the capture and slaughter of Dolphins by donating all proceeds to Ric O'Barry's non profit, the Dolphin Project. Meredith is passionate about spreading peace through her practice, actions, words, and being. I can not think of a better nominee for this award!"

Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Youth Peace Award 2016

Brian Velasco


"Brian was nominated for the Truckee Tahoe Youth Peace Award because all types of peace – world peace, societal peace, family peace and interpersonal peace begin with creating peace in ourselves. Brian has created an enormous amount of peace in his internal world over the past couple of years. That peacefulness has positively effected his external world – his family and his community. As Brian's internal world has become more peaceful he has been actively sharing that with others in his community. This year he has become a meaningful part of the Sierra High community. His schoolwork and attendance have improved enormously. Brian is training to become a mentor himself with some middle school youth from Alder Creek. His peaceful attitude in church has allowed him to be reinstated there which has contributed peacefulness to his church and family environments."

"Brian's hard work on himself, his ability to let go of things he cannot control and his desire to spread peace to others who are struggling make him a great choice for the Truckee Tahoe Youth Peace Award."


Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Peace Award 2015



Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Peace Award 2014

Chris Mausolff


“Chis provides therapy to low income children and families in Truckee. Chris goes above and beyond the job description for his position to help people. He is a gentle soul who wants to bring peace to those who suffer. He is non-judgmental to his core and accepting of everyone. He visits depressed teens at home if they can't get out of bed; he tracks down people the schools are worried about and gets them help”

“Chris is very patient, peaceful and giving of his time and energy. He embodies peace through his actions, perspectives, lifestyle, and attitude. He teaches and leads by example.”


Winner of the Truckee Tahoe Peace Award 2013

Geri Meyer


"Geri lives love at all moments.  She goes through life forgiving everything and greeting every person and event with love and acceptance. Everywhere she goes she brings peace and joy with her warm loving personality.  She is truly an advanced student of peace.  She is also one of the most beloved people in Tahoe City."

"Geri is the embodiment of peace and joy.  She hosts a Tibetan Buddhist meditation group every Thursday at the Center for Spiritual Living Tahoe Truckee, and has done this for many years.  It is a blissful experience, full of peace and oneness.  Her life's career has been caring for others from raising her children, nurturing her husband through decades of illness, to her long couseling practice in Tahoe City.  She is loving and fun, and involved with family, friends, animals and community."


Winner of the Truckee tahoePeace Award 2012

Paul Bancroft


We were proud to present the inaugural Truckee Tahoe Peace Award to Paul Bancroft. Paul is recoginized for his commendable passion and leadership skills for ending violence. He is an effective communicator, understands and promotes collaboration and is proactive in solving problems. He is bilingual and culturally proficient and provides training to others in this area. His actions, words and thoughts have at the core a message, belief, and concept of peace. His non-violent and positive attitude had brought great change in the sector when working with youth, adults and those who often don't have a voice to access services and programs.

Congratulations Paul! Click here to see an article about Paul and the Truckee Tahoe Peace Prize




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